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    PharmaBlock attended the New Drug Innovators Summit, VP at PharmaBlock - Dr. Yuanming Zhu was invited to give a keynote speech

    From May 11th to 12th, 2021, PharmaBlock attended the New Drug Innovators Summit held in Guangzhou, one of the leading cities in the China Great Bay Area. Dr. Yuanming Zhu, Vice President at PharmaBlock, was invited to shed light on how the innovative chemistry and engineering technologies support efficient, green, and safe solutions for drug development and manufacturing. Dr. Zhu shared some case studies and gained great interest and attention from the guests.


    Pharmablock keeps exploring innovative technologies and has successfully implemented them to tackle scale-up challenges and shorten the drug development timelines with cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions. On the occasion, Dr. Zhu shared application cases and demonstrate how PharmaBlock professional chemical and engineering technical team work closely with CDMO process development, EHS, QA, and other teams to provide clients with innovative solutions from drug development to commercialization.


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