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    PharmaBlock Awarded "2019 Nanjing Unicorn Gazelle Outstanding Enterprise”

    On April 29, the "2020 Nanjing Unicorn and Gazelle Enterprise Release and High-growth Enterprise Cultivation Promotion Conference" was successfully held in Nanjing. At the meeting, the Nanjing Development and Reform Commission and the Jingdata Research Institute jointly released the "2020 Nanjing Unicorns and Cultivating Unicorn Enterprises List". Pharmablock was awarded the title of "2019 Nanjing Unicorn Gazelle Excellent Enterprise" in the medical and health industry, and was selected as the "2020 Nanjing Gazelle Enterprise" list as well.


    The award affirms Pharmablock's robust business growth and contribution to the industry by innovative products and technology. Ever since its foundation, PharmaBlock has always been focusing on design, synthesis and supply of novel building blocks, aiming to support partners to accelerate drug discovery and development, and move the new molecules into market in full speed.


    Based on the unique large collection of building blocks and experienced chemistry R&D accumulation, the company is providing development and manufacturing of RSMs, intermediates and APIs. Supported by advanced technologies such as flow chemistry, micropacked bed hydrogenation, catalysis, crystallization engineering and solid-state chemistry etc., Pharmablock is committed to delivering green and sustainable chemistry solutions to undertake cooperation social responsibility.

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